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Social Media

  • Comprehensive Social Media Growth and Marketing.

  • Content Creation

  • Analytics

  • Influencer Marketing

Brand Strategy and Planning

  • End to end Brand solution.

  • Conceptualisation

  • Communications and Outreach

  • Print Packaging and Video Production


  • Command Center

  • Automated Unified Messaging Platform

  • Trend and Sentiment Analysis

  • Volunteer Management

Brain Centre

Single Source Platform with respect to overview and management:

  • Narrative Building

  • Response Monitoring

  • Events and alternate Engagements

Digital and Web

  • Affiliate Marketing

  • Marketing Strategies

  • Analytics and Reporting

  • SEO/SEM optimisation

  • Website/App Creation

  • Bulk Mailers/Messages

Influencer Management

  • Influencer Discovery and Cataloging

  • Relationship Management System

  • Tailored Data Analytics

  • Requirement Matching


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